Certified Hypnotherapist, Author, and Hypnosis Instructor

Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines

Known for her compassion, expertise, and insights, Ms. Raines, with over 60 years of experience, has been hypnotizing people professionally for more than 25 years. The founder of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training, she has trained some of the world’s top hypnotherapists, medical doctors, counselors, and other professionals in the art of hypnotism.

A resident of Sedona, AZ, Mary Elizabeth Raines has been on the adjunct faculty of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2000, and has been a presenter at conventions of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Federation, and Mid-America Hypnosis Convention,

Mary Elizabeth Raines is also an award-winning writer and the author How to Help and Heal with Hypnosis: An Advanced Guide to Hypnotism. Her work has been published in professional hypnosis magazines throughout the world, and she is a columnist for The Journal of Hypnotism.

According to the National Guild of Hypnotists, Mary Elizabeth Raines is “recognized as one of the leading practitioners of the art and science of hypnotism.” In 2010, she was inducted into the prestigious Order of Braid, honoring her dedication and contributions to the field of hypnosis.

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