Policies and Procedures for your Phone Hypnosis Session

These guidelines have been formulated after years of experience. They are in place to insure your comfort, your safety, and a successful hypnotic experience!

You will need a telephone with a high-quality speaker system or a headset so that your hands are free.

Avoid using alcohol, pot, or mind-altering drugs within 24 hours of your session, as they can prevent you from becoming hypnotized.
If you are taking anti-depressants, pain medication, sedatives or other prescription drugs which affect alertness and/or brain function, take them as normal, but please book your session at a time when you have the least amount in your system. For example, if you normally take your pills at 10:00 p.m., schedule your appointment for 8:00 p.m.

It is preferable to have your session when you are slightly drowsy, rather than wide awake and super alert. Please avoid taking caffeine (coffee, caffeinated sodas, tea) within two hours before your appointment. Your usual morning coffee is okay.

You will want to choose an area where you can experience maximum comfort when you are being hypnotized. This should be a place where you are fully supported no matter how deeply relaxed you become, such as a recliner, or lying on a comfortable couch or bed. Most people enjoy having their feet up and reclining during hypnosis.

We encourage you to have your session in a private space, and ask that you request family or others sharing your living quarters to be quiet and to avoid entering the room during your session. It is important that you not be interrupted under any circumstances except genuine and serious emergencies.

Sorry, but pets need to be in another room or space during your hypnosis session, no matter how adorable they are. This includes the coziest of cats and the oldest of dogs. We have learned this from extensive experience. We love animals, but no matter how well behaved your pets are, we have found that they inevitably move, make noise or otherwise demand attention when their owners are in hypnosis, and this can distract, interrupt and even prevent the hypnosis process. (Exception: Fish are not required to leave the room!)

You will want to take your shoes and glasses off during your hypnosis session. You don’t go to sleep at night wearing your shoes and glasses; similarly, you will relax best and enter hypnosis most easily without them on.

Cover yourself with a snuggly comforter or blanket, even if you think you won’t need one! Your body temperature drops when you are in hypnosis, and you will probably be grateful for the warmth.

All phones, televisions, and other sources of sound or interruption need to be turned completely off (even turn off the vibrate setting) so that nothing will disturb your hypnosis session.

Make sure to take a bathroom break before your session begins!

Please place your call no later than five minutes after the scheduled appointment time. Ms. Raines will be reserving this time especially for you so that she can be completely available, just as if you were to come to our office. Those who do not call at the scheduled time will still be charged in full for their session. Clients are responsible for maintaining their call. Our phones are well maintained. We do not offer refunds for calls dropped or lost because of poor connections, low batteries, or any other condition on the client’s end. Thanks!

Naturally, we understand that circumstances might arise which would not allow you to keep your appointment. In this case, please call us at the below number at least 24 hours in advance, and we will arrange another time for your session.

Thank you for your trust in us! We look forward to your session and helping you to achieve your goals through hypnosis!

Reach us through our contact page
to schedule your appointment today

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you to accomplish your goals with comfort, safety, and ease!

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